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[14 Mar 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

havent written in about two weeks

lets see. track started. im doing hurdles again. yay. though right now my knee is hurting like hell. damn.

no kixx games really, except i went to bmore on march 1st. they lost in the lsat few minutes/seconds. lol. hahah fun fun lemme tell you.

anyways, still confused about everything. and right now my head hurts like hell. damn

about 3 more months and im done softmore year. damn im gonna be a junior. holy fucking shit. high school is going by pretty fast actually. its wierd.


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[28 Feb 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

wow havent written in over a month! lol

lets see, kixx wise their is a lot to say. Ive gotten to know Chris A LOT BETTER. lol, i got to meet Craigy. they've been doing ok fortunaltey lol. chris is awesome. lets just say i wish i was old enough for him at this point, but he has 2 1/2 years (not even), then its all good ;-) lol. i have to add he usually smells so damn good. lol

lets see...weve gotten some snow since ive written and its snowing right now haha lol.

then gweny and i went to King of Prussia Mall yesterday. Hollister has awesome clothes. and i love their guys cologne! it smelled so good lol, i think my friend chelsea and i are gonna go to Neshaminy Mall sometime and get some more of it ;-) lol. i got a lot of cute awesome stuff @ h&m also. i love that store lol. all the good stores are barely even in jersey. let alone deptford mall. (the only good ones we have are- American Eagle, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, Sam Goody) King of Prussia is just so much bigger and better lol.

school kind of sucks. so does any guy i ever seem to like lol, well thats been only 2 guys in my school but yeah. guys suck in general :-p.

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[16 Jan 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yeah...i wrote last before xmas break. lol.
lets see if i can summarize lol

new years eve-
manda's house. so fun. man we were outside til like 1 am and i think we stayed up til 3 am, got up at 9am. my mommy picked us up and we went back to my house and made cookies. one for her boyfriend eric, and then one set each for alex and dan, my shoprite ;-) friends lol. we actually had to back w/ eric later because alex and dan were not there the same time eric was. lol. alex and eric started eating the cookies right away, amanda and i thought that was wonderful lol. :-).

the next day i was up late again because the kixx had a game. i had to refresh the kixx page every ten seconds though because no radio station coevered it. the boys won that game, i forget the score right now lol.

lets see...school the next week basically sucked. we lost our meet for swimming on that tuesday, but we won thursday. then that weekend we had a kixx game, we won, beating KC again. good game. i got to talk to chris again. got another picture because we were still working on his smile ;-) ;-) lol. oh and the kc players were like checking me out, i wanted to turn around and say something. their was an 18 year old on the damn team. lol. thank god i didnt work that game or it would have been worse lol. i work the 22nd, which i cant wait for because its ST. LOUIS, and CRAIG finally is coming to TOWN! lol....im like phsyched, but other than the fact its bobblehead night, and i need to work until i hand out all the bobblehead flyers. fun fun lol.

this week was somewhat interesting. i became sick again thursday,nearly passed out 1st period. but that was also because i was short of breath because my bus was smoking, the heater was on fire. not fun. we had to wait for another bus and we were about 1/2 a mile down the road from the school. i saw so many people i knew drive by and was like mannn this is not cool lol. then my eye became pink and basically i was ready to puke. swam through my meet ok but when i got hom i was nausoues the whole night. did not go to school friday because i was ill. i figured out it was pink eye and the other fact was i was nausoues again the whole day. and i had some wierd back pain and my ear was clogged, i have swimmers ear. fun. not.

anyways that practically summarizes it. im sure i forgot a lot of stuff. lol. bye bye for now

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[27 Dec 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

hey havent written inlike 11 days lol

hmm lets see, swimming sucked since then. only with the fact that my rowan meet last wednesday was horrible, but other than holy cross canceling are meet last tuesday (haha that was sweet). but then i had something wrong with my eye from the damn pool, like i cud barely open it and shit (that was not fun...especially on christmas!). and then i have another infection in my nose (which also sucks).

then yesterday i went to baltimore for the kixx game. that was so hottttt lol. they lost 7-4 and chris didnt play but oh well i got to talk to him still lol. But Goran scored! that was good stuff too!

but for xmas this is what i got-
IPOD (yes finally,lol, i already uploaded about every cd i have in to it, so i have like 300 songs on it already lol)
american eagle green hoodie (im wearing it now, IOW its comfy)
gap gift card (from my aunt) for probably $100 cuz thats what I normally get (i <3 gap so its good stuff lol)
american eagle gift card for $35 (other aunt on other side of family :-D lol)
white sweater
50 first dates, a cinderella story on dvd
princess diaries 2 on dvd (from my uncle)
cute ruby earrings and matching necklace (from my grandparents)
nice american eagle wool sweatshirt (from my grandparents)
oh oh oh a cute gray skirt with a teal belt from american eagle
count the stars cd
the donnas and gwen stefani cd's (from my other uncle)
a cute watch (from my aunt)
umm i went braindead lol but thats all i can remember! lol

anyways if i don't get back on here b4 new years, HAPPY NEW YEARS!
and now i gotta find a radio station for the kixx game(their playing on New Years Day in Kansas City)

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[16 Dec 2004|09:02pm]
[ mood | confused ]

swim meets started tuesday the uh 7th i think. i got my varsity letter in my first meet. my time was 27.8 :-) (in the 50 free). my time was the same this week too. i'm in the best 200 free relay which its actually kinda wierd! Lol. next week i have 2 meets. first one is TUESDAY @ 5:10 @ Riverwinds, come out and watch :-) lol, i'm swimming 4 events. then WEDNESDAY we are @ ROWAN UNIVERSITY @ 5:30pm...i already know i'm swimming but don't know how much.

and school basically sucks. the only grade i seem to have trouble bringing up is math. dont even want to got there. my damn teacher seriously. 2nd year in a row and i still cant stand him. i cant understand him either.

hopefully i'll have a good wknd. im working the kixx game, but only pregame but of course im staying for the game lol. OH YEAH last sunday when the guys WON 9-5 and Chris Fehrle (one of my faves) scored, i made him a bday card since his bday was on monday :-) (12/13), and he gave me a hug, and that so made my night. goran gave me a hug b4 chris came out too, he just came over and said hello and gave me a hug. :-) lol. and erica got to see Andy G (on chicago now) and she was like so damn happy lol.

anyways im exhausted and confused because a lot of shit happened and everything is out of it again...so i don't know anymore
their is only one person i like that hasnt messed up and i hope it wont lol, but the fact he's got a gf sucks.

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[02 Dec 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

5 more icons because im always bored :-) lol

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[01 Dec 2004|09:31pm]
2 more...

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[01 Dec 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i was bored so i made icons. :-) well 2 so far and now my mom wants the computer. but more later, if you want me to make one for you i can try. (it depends on if my computer will let me loll). if you take one just credit me please(even though they kinda suck lol). :-)

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blah blah [29 Nov 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | confused ]

dude everything sucks...i hate school. i hate swimmming. i want to go home and just sleep. i'm extremely lazy. lol

can't wait for xmas break lol,just for the sleep even though i'll still have swimming (what fun).

anyway thanksgiving sucked. their's alot of stuff but i don't want to talk about it or write it on here, (if your one of my close friend you might know), and then the other thing was that my aunt's back in the hospitol, her cancer is worse. she has another tumor, and they had only given her until thanksgiving and she made it...and now its christmas they are giving her til. Her birthday is soon, her 28th birthday, and i want her to make it there.


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